Dog Day Care for a Difficult Dog

Tips For Training Older Dogs

The old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks simply isn’t true. In fact, this fallacy can be detrimental, since many adult dogs aren’t adopted from shelters simply because many mistakenly believe that an older dog can’t be trained. Adult and senior dogs can unlearn bad behaviors and learn new positive behaviors […]

Supersize Me! Why You Should Use Deluxe Dog Boarding Services

Dogs of any size need room to roam. They are not happy cooped up or kenneled up, and it can often lead to more destructive behavior. It is also not a good idea to take your dog with you wherever you go. Instead, you could put your dog into a deluxe dog boarding center, an […]

4 Reasons Why Your Puppy May Have A Matted Coat And How To Fix It

Taking good care of a puppy with a longer coat is a matter of routine brushing, as well as making sure that your puppy is in good health overall. If you’ve recently adopted a puppy and are concerned about the condition of their coat due to mats showing up throughout it, you need to determine […]

Should You Hire A Pet Sitter Or Board Your Dog?

Going on vacation without your dog takes some thoughtful planning. You generally have two options when it comes to their care – boarding them in a kennel or having a pet sitter visit to care for them in your home. Which is the right choice depends greatly on the personality of your dog. The following […]

Sticky Kitty: 3 Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat Using Sticky Notes

Can you train a cat to do tricks? Yes! Cats can be trained, and sticky notes are the perfect tool because cats tend to like the feeling of paper beneath their paws. Introduce your cat to this training method by leaving sticky notes around the house and giving your cat a treat each time it […]

How Can You Help A Nervous Pet Feel More Comfortable Being Boarded?

Traveling with pets can be even more of a challenge than traveling with young children — and if you’re not planning on staying in a pet-friendly location, you may be considering boarding your pet at the vet’s office or a kennel. However, if your pet tends to be shy and is reluctant to leave your […]

Cat Grooming For Beginners

As a cat owner, you are well aware of how much time your cat spends grooming herself. The meticulous grooming routine that your cat exhibits is actually a survival behavior left over from ancestors in the wild. Being clean and free of odors meant that the cats were better able to avoid detection and confrontations […]

Take A Nervous Kitten To The Vet With These 4 Tips

If you are just getting around to taking your kitten to the veterinarian, you may already be feeling stressed out. From getting the kitten into the carrier to holding the kitten while they get their shots, a vet trip can be a worrisome adventure. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the following tips […]