dog day care for a difficult dogdog day care for a difficult dog

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dog day care for a difficult dog

I have an American Bulldog that is terribly behaved when he is left at home alone. I have tried kennel training him and leaving him in different areas of the house, but I was still coming home to giant messes and destruction after he breaks out. I knew that I had to do something different when I went to work or else I was going to have to get rid of the dog. That was when I started learning about day care for my dog. Visit my blog to find out what a difference it has made and what we did to help him adapt to the change.

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Do You Need A Place For Fifi?

Whether you have a poodle named Fifi, a Bulldog named Spike, or a mutt with any other name, you probably love that pooch as though he or she were a kid and part of the family. It probably makes you kind of sad when you have to leave your dog behind, whether it's on a daily basis or when you have to go out of town on trips. With that in mind, from trading dogs on a temporary basis with a trusted friend or family member to leaving your dog at a dog daycare facility, here are some ideas that might give you peace of mind when you have to be away from your beloved pet.

Trading Dogs - Do you have a friend or an extended family member with whom you trust enough to leave your dog? If that individual also has a dog, consider trading when you're going out of town. Of course, if you have to leave your doggy behind on a daily basis, this might not work as well. In that case, is there a neighbor who you can ask to check in on your dog? Say, once a day? Perhaps there's even somebody who would like to earn some extra spending money by walking your dog. The point is that you don't want your dog to be lonely by being left alone for too many hours. Also, consider whether or not you could install a doggy door so that your dog can go out any time nature calls.

Doggy Day Care - Another really good idea is to find a business where you can take your dog while you are gone, whether it's while you're at work most days of the week or when you're going on a vacation or a business trip, and you simply can't take the dog with you. The great thing about doggy day care is that those who work there are trained to care for your dog in a professional and loving way. Your dog will be played with and will get the exercise he or she needs. You can even bring his or her favorite toy or blanket so that it can be placed in his or her sleeping area. If your dog needs medications while you're gone, that's not a bit of a problem either. The staff will give all medications and your pet's preferred food, upon request.